These Yoshikane knives are hand forged and have a very distinctive look. The core steel is rust resistant SKD12 die steel laminated with SUS 405 soft stainless steel. The blade is exceedingly tough and has a very durable edge.
SKD12 is an extremely hard high carbon (1.5%) tool steel. An extremely long lived edge and a feeling of silkiness are both characteristics of SKD12. This steel is semi stainless as it will change colour over time, but should remain rust free. Just keep the blade dry between uses and you'll be fine. 

The Yoshikane hand hammered finish (tsuchime) gives good looks as well as functionality in reducing the chance of cut food sticking to the blade. The balance is well forward and the knife seems to slice by itself. These knives are being put through their paces in many professional kitchens all over the world. 

Yoshikane knives are supplied with a ā€œDā€ shaped Japanese style blonde magnolia wood handle and a black water buffalo ferrule. This is the traditional Japanese knife handle, which creates a knife with overall lightness and a blade forward balance. You'll find that you can use these knives over a long period without fatigue.
Yoshikane knives, made by the Yoshida family, are highly treasured. They make both single bevel and double bevel knives. Mr. Tsuneo Yoshida is a 3rd generation bladesmith; his grandfather started to make kitchen knives in 1919. Mr.Yoshida was born in 1948 and has made kitchen knives since he graduated from high-school at the age of 18. His nephew, Kazuomi Yamamoto (born in 1973) works beside him, making each knife by hand.
The other nephew, Masashi Yamamoto has recently left the Yoshikane company and formed his own brand, selling his knives  under the Masashi-Kobo brand, which you can find here. 

Masashi-Kobo knives
Gyuto 240mm
Yoshikane Hammer finish
50/50 grind - double

50/50 sided
Rockwell Hardness 62:64
Knife Shape Gyuto
Blade Length 240mm
SKD12 Semi Stainless Steel
Handle - D Shape
Handle - Magnolia wood and
water buffalo horn collar
Hammer finish SKD Semi-stainless
Below is a direct comparison of the blade profiles of the Yoshikane SLD Hammer gyuto 240mm, with the Shigefusa Kasumi gyuto 240mm. The only changes to either image, were to mask them with photoshop and proportionally size them so they were comparable. You'll see the profiles are very similar, with the Yoshikane maintaining the flat section a bit more from 2/3 to the tip.
Blade profile comparison between Yoshikane hammer 240 and Shigefusa Kasumi 240
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