Tojiro Whetstone 220/1000 Sharpening Stone, for Japanese Chef Knives
Tojiro Whetstone 1000/3000 Sharpening Stone.
Ease the strain of getting the correct angle on
your Whetstone.
Put your Tojiro (or any other) knife in the holder
and sharpen to the correct angle everytime
Lansky Sharpening System for general purpose sharpening
The Lansky system is great for most sharpening tasks and holds your blade at a constant angle to ensure that the blade is sharpened uniformly.

We don't recommend it for final honing use on Japanese kitchen knives, but as a starting kit, it is perfect to sharpen other blades.
Sharpening Aids
This Tojiro Sharpener is ideal for sharpening any Tojiro Japanese Knives, the wheels are set at the correct angle for sharpening.
The outer casing is made of 18/10 stainless steel.
Ensure that your Whetstone is flat from repeated sharpenings. Just flatten your stone with this stone fixer.
Tojiro Flattener
Black 220 grade
Sharpening angle
Tojiro Ceramic
Dual grade
Lansky Sharpening system
Jig and stones for all knives.
Tojiro Ceramic Sharpener for Japanese Chef Knives
Tojiro 220/1000
180 x 60mm
Tojiro 1000/3000
180 x 60mm
Ice Bear knife Sharpening kit 800/6000
King Stone sharpening combo
800/6000 stone
Stone Holder
Ice Bear whetstone holder - Japanese
Whetstone holder
Firmly holds your whetstones in place so you can concentrate on knife honing. Japanese.
Igaging Angle Cube knife sharpening digital protractor
The greatest thing since sliced bread for some people. If you've always wanted to sharpen your knives but were scared edgeless, here's your saviour. Igaging Angle Cube

Put it on the knife blade with the inbuilt magnets and it will show you the angle you're at to 0.02 degrees accuracy. Just hold your knife within the range for perfect angles every time AND perfect sharpening every time.

Read the directions here
Igaging angle cube
See our range of knives here.
Ohishi Akifusa Whetstone flattener
Ohishi (Akifusa) Stone Flattener
Don't waste your time on flimsy stone flatteners that wear out, this is a real beast of an item, made specifically versatile to allow variation in your flattening regime.
The Ohishi stone flattener comes with a 60 & 80 grit stick-on abrasive sheet and from there you only need to buy wet and dry abrasive papers and use spray adhesive to vary the grits. You can also use this as a solid base for a "scary sharp" system

Solid wooden base with rubber feet and a thick glass plate surface. About 1.5kg

400 x 100 x 50mm
Ohishi Stone
Nenox/Nenohi 1000/4000 Whetstone.
In a country where whetstones are a dime a dozen, the Nenox 1000/4000 combination whetstones, stands out ahead of the pack.

Extreme care is taken to make this stone one of the premier quality stones on the market, sold only by Nenox distributors. These stones are good enough to sharpen Nenox/Nenohi knives and we don't recommend many stones which are that good.   A very useful size of
200 x 75mm
Nenox 1000/4000
combo Whetstone
Tojiro 1000 Grit
180 x 60mm
These Tojiro Whetstones represent a good starting point in your sharpening arsenal. You may never need to go any better in your maintenance tools.
These are domestic grade, but are still very good stones.
A bit more of a jump than the 1000/3000, this Whetstone is an Ice Bear/King stone and makes the sharpening gap 1000/6000, which for some people is a more useful jump.  205 x 50 x 25mm
Ice Bear/King 1000/6000 Whetstone
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