Tanganryu Series
Out of Takefu city comes the beautiful Ryusen Tanganryu.

32 Damascus layers covering a central core of VG10 knife steel. The bottom of the blade displays the damascus features, while the upper part of the blade has a Tsuchime finish, hand beaten to give a beautiful look. The blade itself ahs a very high Nickel content, which enables Ryusen  to finish this knife in a brilliant silvery look.

A striking knife that gives nothing away because of its looks, this Ryusen Tanganryu knife performs as nicely as it looks. A razor sharp honing completes the blade.

The handle is a quality black and grey Micarta and is in a D grip style, which is very comfortable, as opposed to some D handles.

The Rockwell hardeness on this knife is around 60-62 HRC, for a durable edge.

VG10 32 layer
D-Handle - oval Micarta

The rest of the range coming soon.
Ryusen Tanganryu handle details
Ryusen Tanganryu handle blade details
Ryusen Tanganryu Gyuto knife 210mm
Cutting Edge 240mm
Total length 375mm
Rockwell RC 60 - 62
Total Weight 240g
Cutting Edge 135mm
Total length 245mm
Rockwell RC 60 - 62
Total Weight 80g
Cutting Edge 210mm
Total length 345mm
Rockwell RC 60 - 62
Total Weight 194g
Petty Tsuchime 135mm
Gyuto Tsuchime 210mm
Gyuto Tsuchime 240mm
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