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Linen Micarta handle with stainless steel rivets securing the handle to the tang.
Machine cut custom blade - then hand finished
32 Layer
hot forged damascus blade
VG10 blade core  with a Rockwell HRC of 60+

This knife is ideally placed to directly compete with the Hattori HD blade, but it is reputed to have a less brittle blade edge. All steps are hand performed except the initial blade forming and after that, there is an hour of hand work by a fully trained Japanese knife master. The finish on this knife is exceptional and our first reaction was how "classy" it looked.

Fully hand finished and as shiny as chrome
Tanaka Pakkawood Gyuto 210mm
The only difference between the Deluxe and Pakkawood is the handle material and contouring.
The blades are the same with the same damascus effect and the central tang is of course identical.

The other difference is the price  -  The Pakkawood is $50 cheaper!

Click the image to the left to see the direct comparison.

The Pakkawood handle looks smaller because it's further from the lens.
VG10 Petty 120mm
VG10 Santoku 170mm
Gyuto 210mm  -  Special edition Tanaka Pakkawood version
VG10 Gyuto 180mm
VG10 Gyuto 210mm
Exactly the same blade, but with a Pakkawood handle - not contoured - save money
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