Based in Sanjo City, Nigata, in Japan, Tadafusa may not have the same sort of mystique as Shigefusa, or Yoshikane, but they do have a long history of producing, and refining the technique of knife-making, which they are very good at.

Each knife is hand finished to a very high standard and we would rank them as reliably excellent in the fit & finish stakes.

Tadafusa is one of those brands which you usually don't worry about, because they are consistently good. One of those brands where if you can't decide which brand you want, buy Tadafusa, especially if you're looking to save money. 

Especially look at the Hiriki, as an alternative to the usual short Gyuto  -  Very nimble.
Tadafusa Nashiji Aogami (Blue steel #2)
Blade = 136mm
Weight = 74Gr
50/50 Grind
Blade = 169mm
Weight = 134Gr
50/50 Grind
Blade = 167mm
Weight = 128Gr
50/50 Grind
Blade = 214mm
Weight = 156Gr
50/50 Grind
Nashiji Petty 135mm Blue #2
Nashiji Hiriki 165mm Blue # 2
Nashiji Santoku 165mm Blue #2
A central core of Blue #2 (Aogami), clad with stainless on both sides. The cladding is finished in a very pleasant surface treatment which is not as confronting as some of the Kurouchi finishes. It's not black and presents as an attractive final treatment.

The blades are properly heat treated by Tadafusa and have an HRC of 60 to 61, so they are very durable, while also being pretty easy to sharpen.

The handle is an oval, so no problem with right or left handed use. They have a very nice looking pakkawood ferrule.

If you want to get into a Japanese handled blue steel knife, we feel very confident in recommending this range. It comes from a maker who knows what they're doing and includes genuine traditional hand finished quality.

Nashiji Gyuto 210mm Blue #2
Nashiji wide Petty 105mm Blue #2
Nashiji Nakiri 165mm Blue #2
Blade = 108mm
Weight = 74Gr
50/50 Grind
Blade = 167mm
Weight = 148Gr
50/50 Grind
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