Shapton 3 glass stone set
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Shapton GlassStones are third-generation products which benefit from continuous improvement gained from experience with
waterstones made for the Japanese market

Shapton GlassStones differ from other waterstones
· GlassStones are made with finely-graded ceramic cutting media which wears much more slowly than aluminum oxide
and silicon carbide commonly found in man-made waterstones. This results in a similar thickness of material lasting 4-5
times longer.
· The GlassStone media is very dense and does not absorb water. This avoids maintaining them in water or waiting for
them to soak prior to use.
· Shapton uses a binding matrix which is carefully engineered to reveal sharp new cutting media for efficient stock removal
while retaining some of the worn media which provides a simultaneous polishing effect. This balance results in a better
edge with less work.
· Shapton's precision ground flat glass base lets you use all of the media right down to the glass. Other waterstones
typically crack and break as they become thin.
Shapton's GlassStone Series are competitively priced, long-wearing, require less flattening, no soaking, and cut quickly.
Shapton Stone Holder

Designed specifically for the GlassStone series, the Shapton Set Holder provides a stable sharpening base and storage for up to
three GlassStones. The photo above shows the holder ready to receive a waterstone for sharpening. When the holder is turned
over (photo at right) it is ready to receive up to three waterstones which fit into the base for storage or transportation. Made entirely
of glass and rubber, it is easily rinsed off and there is nothing to rust or wear out.
Shapton stone holder upright
Shapton stone holder loaded
Shapton stone holder reversed
Shapton Glass Stone 3 grade set 500/2000/16000

This 3 stone combo is perfect for Japanese Chef's knives, or any other good quality knife. It consists of:

500 grade Glass stone - perfect for bringing dull edges back to life
2/.   2000 grade Glass stone - once you've got a good edge, this stone is the                 intermediate step to add true sharpness.
3/.   16000 grade Glass stone - This stone will put a fine edge on your blade and ensure you get the sharpness you look for.
4/.   A Shapton stone holder - stones fit in for storage

This set is ideal for the harder steel of Japanese Knives but if you'd like a smaller step between stones, you can substiute the 16000 for an 8000 stone.
Shapton glass stone 1000 grit
Shapton glass stone 3000 grit
Shapton glass stone 6000 grit
Shapton glass stone 8000 grit
1000 Glass
14.7 Micron
3000 Glass
4.9 Micron
6000 Glass
2.45 Micron
8000 Glass
1.84 Micron
Shapton Glass Stones
Stones shown fitted
- not included in price.
Ohishi Akifusa Whetstone flattener
Ohishi (Akifusa) Stone Flattener
Don't waste your time on flimsy stone flatteners that wear out, this is a real beast of an item, made specifically versatile to allow variation in your flattening regime.
The Ohishi stone flattener comes with a 60 & 80 grit stick-on abrasive sheet and from there you only need to buy wet and dry abrasive papers and use spray adhesive to vary the grits. You can also use this as a solid base for a "scary sharp" system

Solid wooden base with rubber feet and a thick glass plate surface. About 1.5kg

400 x 100 x 50mm
Ohishi Stone
Accessories for Shapton Glass Stones
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Stone Holder  =  $99.50
Stone Holder  =  $99.50
500/2000/16000 Shapton Tri-set  =  $375
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