Sandsmade Kitchen Board number 1 Sandsmade Kitchen Board number 1
Plain Board
The Plain Board is a simple, light weight alternative cutting surface to The
Kitchen Board. A single hole is added for hanging and easy lifting, a black
walnut strip splits the two halves of the chopping board and contrasts with the
gentle grain of the sustainably farmed Australian celery pine. As with all our
celery pine cutting boards, the Plain Board will slowly develop a darker
golden tone with regular use and care.
Celery Pine, Black Walnut
Dimensions: 400 x 250 x 23 mm
Price: $74.00
The Kitchen Board No.1
The Kitchen Board will last for generations. Brushbox has a fine even texture and
a rich color that grows more beautiful over time.
The naturally anti-bacterial hardwood gives you a stable and safe chopping
surface. Clean with lemon or salt, rinse and dry.
Material: Black Walnut, Brushbox
Dimensions: 370 x 240 x 30 mm
Price: $140.00
Sandsmade chopping board - plain Sandsmade chopping board - plain
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