AUTHENTIQUE 1834 Limited - Stainless Steel. This range received the 1st prize at the IWA Exhibition- Nurnberg - Germany (13th to 16
of March 2009) The jury of the IWA exhibition in Nurnberg - Germany - awarded a prize to the K Sabatier Knives - Authentique 1834
Limited - 100% FORGED in the category "Gourmet Knives" Knives 100% forged in Thiers

The whole knife is forged in a single mass of stainless Z50C13 steel. The cutting edge is calibrated to take off the smudges caused by
the emboss at the forge. The tempering process is done at temperatures higher than 1040°C followed by the quickest possible air-
cooling. To achieve the maximal hardness, it is necessary that a complementary sub-zero (-70° -80°) treatment follows the tempering
process before doing the tempering. The temperature used for the tempering depends on the wished hardness level. Advantages : -
decrease of the residual austenity - increase of the hardness - increase of the resistance to corrosion - refine structure of the steel -
increase of all mechanical characteristics (resistance against break, flexibility, etc

For this range Authentique 1834 Limited, a fine grounding and a crosswise polishing are used to give a finer cutting edge on the whole
length. For an excellent surface, an extra fine crosswise manual polishing is necessary to erase the scratch caused by the grounding and
the first polishing. POM handles are manually set and mounted on the tang using three through rivets. The knife is polished several times
with different tools which are finer and finer. Razor sharpening: the sharpening must respect the criterion of the cutting edge (between 18°
and 23°). The way of doing it takes the nature of the blades into account.

Thanks to the polished and shiny surface of the blade cutting face, the knife slides easier during its use. Laser mark : the finish is perfect

Our advice :in order not to damage the cutting edge of this range, the Authentique 1834 Limited, we advise you to use these knives only
on wooden or plastic cutting boards. From forging to packaging, we guarantee that all our operations are performed in the Thiers region
in FRANCE by skilled workers to ensure a professional quality craft finish.

HRC 57-58 Rockwell

Did we mention that these knives come with a fantastic leather sleeve from Pierre Cotte. A very classy look. Click knives to enlarge.
Sabatier-K Authentique 1834 LTD range
Sabatier-K 1834 knives at Japanese Chef
Utility knife 100mm

With leather sleeve
Cook's knife 200mm

With leather sleeve
Cook's knife  250mm

With leather sleeve
Bayonet fork 170mm

With leather sleeve
Straight tines
Steel - 200mm Round

With leather sleeve
Sabatier-K 1834 leather sheath
Sabatier-K utility knife 100mm
Sabatier-K 1834 leather sheath
Click images to enlarge
Sabatier_k 200mm Cooks knife with sheath
Sabatier_k 250mm Cooks knife with sheath
Sabatier-K 1834 LTD forged bayonet fork
Sabatier-K steel - round forged 200mm
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