Because blade design, profile and grind are so contentious and hard to describe to everyone's satisfaction, we provide overlay comparisons between an accepted master of design  -  The Shigefusa Kasumi 240mm Gyuto and the knife on the particular page you're using. This should give a reasonably good comparison between the 2 knives.

We are open to suggestions for any changes for accuracy sake, but the way we compare is this.

Cut out the blade profile - Photoshop
Overlay the 2 blades
Use the  blade edge as the alignment line of the 2 blades
Attempt to have as much of the blade edge parrallel as possible, as we feel this is the common ground.

Tip up and/or tip down then gives a reasonable indication of the blade profile.

Below is an examp0le comparison between an Hinoura Ajikataya and the Shigefusa. We will indicate which knife is laid over the Shigefusa so you can pick which knife is which.
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Comparing blade profiles between brands.
Hinoura over Shigefusa.
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