Ohishi Tsuchime Petty 135mm




Ohishi Damascus Tsuchime
Ohishi Damascus Tsuchime
Ohishi Damascus Tsuchime - Nakiri
OhishiTsuchime Petty 135mm
OhishiTsuchime Santoku knife 185mm
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Ohishi Tsuchime Nakiri knife 185mm
OhishiTsuchime Nakiri knife 180mm
Ohishi Tsuchime Gyuto knife 210mm
Ohishi Tsuchime Sujihiki 240mm
OhishiTsuchime Damascus 240mm Gyuto
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Ohishi Tsuchime blades are said to look like “Waves striking the beach at moonlight”. They offer great looks combined with great performance and ruggedness.

These knives are produced in Seki, Japan from VG-10 high carbon stainless steel and laminated on each side with
15 layer stainless Damascus steel. VG-10 was created for knife making. This steel has the highest recommendations in the production of knives by authorities such as the British Steel Confederation, C.A.T.R.A and the Solingen Institute of Steel in Germany. VG-10 has a high Carbon percentage (0.95 to1.05%) for hardness and ease of re-sharpening, Molybdenum (0.9 to 1.2%) and Vanadium (0.1 to 0.3%) are added for their stainless properties and Cobalt (1.3 to 1.5%) for toughness.

Hand sharpened and hand honed with a 50/50 double bevel edge these are great performers in the kitchen. The unique Tsuchime (hand hammered dimples) allow the blade to slide through food without sticking with the added benefit of a distinctive looking blade. The handle is made from rugged mahogany with a full tang and welded bolster.

These knives have a Western style mahogany wood handle, which is very rugged and is fixed to the tang with three rivets for strength and durability.

Rockwell hardness 60 - 62

These knives are also known as the Harayuki, or Gekko brand in some markets.
Great general purpose
shorter knife for fruit etc
Perfect for fruit,
meat and fish
Japanese Vegetable knife -
made for the purpose
Great feel, best all rounder
Specialist slicing knife for
fish, ham, turkey. beef.
Blade length 135mm
Total length 250mm
thickness 2mm
Blade width 29mm
Handle 105mm
Weight 89g
Blade length 185mm
Total length 310mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Weight 175gr
Ohishi Tsuchime Santoku 185mm
Ohishi Tsuchime Nakiri 165mm
Blade length 165mm
Total length 290mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Blade width 45mm
Handle length 118mm
Weight 185g
Blade length 185mm
Total length 305mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Blade width 45mm
Handle length 118mm
Weight 176g
Ohishi Tsuchime Gyuto 180mm
Blade length 210mm
Total length 335mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Blade width 46mm
Handle length 118mm
Weight 191 g
The most popular size
in a Chef's knife
Ohishi Tsuchime Gyuto 210mm
Blade length 240mm
Total length 375mm
Blade thickness 2mm
Blade width 50mm
Handle length 128mm
Weight 244 g
Blade length 241mm
Total length 370mm
Blade thickness 1.8mm
Blade width 36mm
Handle length 118mm
Weight 185Gr
Ohishi Tsuchime Gyuto 240mm
Ohishi Tsuchime Sujihiki 240mm
For those cook's who want
a bit more heft and room.
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