OHISHI - V5 Migaki
Ohishi Migaki V5 180mm Santoku
Ohishi Migaki V5 240mm Gyuto
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Tojiro DP

Ohishi Migaki V5 240mm Gyuto
The steel in these Ohishi Migaki knives is VG5, which is made by Takefu Steel in Japan and is not a commonly available steel. It is not mass produced like some stainless steels and fits a specific niche, where pure steels with exacting alloys are necessary. The best way to understand the properties of VG-5 is to compare it to a simple stainless steel, such as 440.

VG-5 is a high-carbon stainless steel with a carbon content of between .7 and .8 percent in comparison to the much more abundant 440 series which averages less than .7 percent. This gives the steel a much harder edge, making it ideal for knives and cutting tools. Unlike 440, VG-5 has a lower chromium content of 13 to 15 percent compared to the 16 to 18 percent found in 440.

These Ohishi Migaki knives are hardened to about 59-61 Rockwell and are clad with SUS410 steel.

We think these knives are amazing value and underpriced for the quality they represent.
Ohishi Migaki Petty knife150mm
Ohishi Migaki Santoku 180mm
Ohishi Migaki Gyuto 210mm
Ohishi Migaki Gyuto 240mm
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