Ohishi Aogami Super
There is probably no finer combination of durability and "sharpenability" than Aogami Super steel. The fine grain particulates in this steel allow a beaufully fine edge to be attained, which will then be extremely durable for a long time. You want to see a silky smooth mirror finish on your blade edge - this is it.

Aogami Super is seen in knives costing $1,000 and more because of it's beautiful properties.

Ohishi have been working with Aogami Super for many years and making knives for some very famous other makers, but have now decided to make thier skills known to the rest of us. We have been extremel;y impressed with their Migaki blades which represent extraordinary value and these knives continue that trend. They are excellent value and have that quality look.

Be warned that as they are Carbon-based knives, they are subject to the "patina-effect" that carbon knives have. These knives are clad with stainless steel and will not tarnish on the sides of the blade, but they will gain a patina on the Aogami blade edge over time. This gives the edge an attractive separation between the Aogami and Stainless cladding. Extra care is needed by wiping down and drying the knife after use, which prevents oxidation. Camelia Oil also prevents this - just spray a little on the blade and wipe off next time you use it.

We think you'll agree that these prices are pleasantly low for such a quality steel from a respected manufacturer.

HRC 64  -  50/50 profile
Ohishi Aogami Super Gytuo 210mm
Ohishi Aogami Super Santoku 180mm
Ohishi Aogami Super Gytuo 240mm
Ohishi Aogami Super Gytuo 240mm
Ohishi Aogami Super Santoku 180mm
Ohishi Aogami Super Gyuto 210mm
Ohishi Aogami Super Gyuto 240mm
Ohishi Aogami Super Gyuto 270mm
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