These knives are made by a man who believes that it is not worth making a knife unless it is the best. Sawada san is one of the nicest and most dedicated men we know and we are proud to stock Nenox knives. They are made to make you happy and they succeed in every way. DuPont Corian is used in the handle, to ensure the cleanest and highest quality build possible. This grip has no substances or chemicals in it that are harmful to your hands or the environment.

This is a high-grade Nenox model knife, perhaps the ultimate western style Japanese Chef knife.

Don't ask what steel is used in a Nenox knife, as Sawada san is not telling. We do know that the steel is stainless clad and durable and and looks gorgeous. We also know that Nenox and Nenohi blades at the upper end are made by blacksmith Ikeda and the same care is given to the G & S series knives.

As a result of this high quality standard, Nenox products have gained the reputation of having the most durable and sharpest blade in the market.
Nenox S Series Gyuto
Nenox SD Gyuto 210mm
Nenox SD Gyuto 240mm
Nenox SD Petty 150mm
Nenox SD Petty 150mm
Saya for Petty 100mm
Saya for Petty 150mm
Saya for Yo-Deba 150mm
Saya for Yo-Deba 165mm
Saya for Gyuto 210mm
Saya for Gyuto 240mm
Saya for Sujihiki 230mm
Saya for Sijihiki 285mm
Nenox Sayas
These Nenox Sayas are made from Ho wood and are made to fit each individual model of knife - Gyuto, Sujihiki, Petty, or Yo-Deba. Protect your Nenox knife from the inevitable little accident we all have.

They come with an insertable pin to prevent the knife from exiting the Saya.
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Nenox SG21 Gyuto 21cm
Nenox SG24 Gyuto 24cm
Nenox SP15 Petty 15cm
For the Nenohi range of traditional (one-sided) Japanese knives, go here.
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