Nenox Ironwood Gyuto 210mm chef's knife
These are as rare as hen's teeth.
We could only get one of them and orders for other sizes can be taken for delivery about 3 - 4 weeks after order.
The blade is the same as the S series knives, but the handle is a beautiful Ironwood timber. It looks really classy and we'll miss drooling over it.
Nenox use only use the finest desert ironwood, selected carefully.

The bookmark method is adopted for the handle making. Both sides of a handle are made of one piece of desert ironwood by dividing it into two pieces sandwiching a blade tang. It can be clearly seen from the backside of the handle.

Why is desert ironwood special?

The desert ironwood used is petrified old wood which had been buried in the desert area in south-western United State and northern Mexico for years. Thanks to the hardness with the high density, the handles have excellent durability and will not wear out easily after long-term use. The desert ironwood is waterproof which makes it practical.
Despite the hardness of the material, the handle, made of the natural wood, sits comfortably in the user's hand. It's beautiful burl patterns and colour are also key factors and they make the material visually appealing. More polished, burls stand out more beautifully and the handle becomes shinier.

Overall, desert ironwood, being both practical and beautiful, is an ideal material for knife handles. While there are a number of advantages, its high price can be a sole disadvantage. Because of the natural wood, there will be no identical handles. It means each handle looks unique.

Nenox Ironwood handle detail
Gyuto 210mm Ironwood
Blade length 210mm
Blade Thickness 1.5mm
Weight 180g
Saya for Gyuto 210mm
Same wooden saya as
for G & S series
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