Murata Aogami 1 Western Petty knife  135mm

HRC 64 - Weight - 80 Grams
Thickness - 1.9mm.
Blade height 28mm
Blade length - 135mm
Handle - Pakkawood.
Murata Aogami 1 Western Santoku knife 180mm

HRC 64  - Weight - 168 Grams
Thickness - 2mm.
Blade height - 44.5mm
Blade length - 180mm
Handle - Pakkawood.
Murata Aogami 1 Western Gyuto knife 210mm

HRC 64  -  Weight - 175 Grams
THickness - 3.3mm.
Blade height - 46.5mm
Blade length - 214mm
Handle - Pakkawood.
Takeo Murata is known as the premier knifemaker of Shikoku Island and his knives are among the best that Japan produces. He specialises in using Aogami #1 metal, which is a carbon material, hand forged from the #1 Blue steel and gains a hardness of about HRC64, ensuring long lasting sharpness. He is known for knives of good balance and sharpness and the blade can be sharpened to a magnificent mirror finish.

The blades are finished with a traditional
Kurouchi finish (the black blade) which is the result of burning of the carbon while it's in the coal fire. This finish is sometimes polished off, but Murata san has decided to leave it on the blade to minimise the possibility of rusting.

Please note that these blades are carbon and as such can be susceptible to rust spots unless they are wiped clean after use. The Kurouchi finish protects the blade from this to a large extent, but the knife
shouldn't be cleaned with a scouring pad, as it will, over time, remove the black protective finish. If worried, Camelia oil should be lightly applied after use and wiped off before using the knife next time.

We carry 2 models of this knife:

1/.   Western style Pakka wood handle, fixed with 3 stainless steel pins
2/.   Traditional Ho wood handle with bufalo horn ferrule - subject to production delays at the moment  - no expected delivery date.

Both models come as a 50/50 profile blade, with the only difference being the look and handle shape.

Make no mistake, the low price doesn't reflect the excellent quality of these knives.
Takeo Murata Aogami #1 Kurouchi Petty 135mm
Takeo Murata Kurouchi Santoku 180mm
Takeo Murata
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