Misono UX10 Gyuto, Japanese Chef's knife
Misono Stainless Molybdenum Steel  Series (hand made)
The Molybdenum Steel Series is a true Japanese-quality Chef's knife range at an affordable price.
Misono Molybdenum Gyuto Japanese Chef's Knife
They are the most reasonably priced line in the Misono knives, but there is no compromise in the quality and finish, with the same Misono quality control that is afforded the UX10 series.
Misono UX10 Range here
Misono Molybdenum range here
The blade is fine quality Swedish stain resistant steel, however, it has a hardness comparable to carbon steel. In addition, the knives have a slanted nickel/silver bolster that balances the weight of the blade and handle. If you are looking for a Japanese chef knife that is extremely sharp, spectacular in appearance and performance as well as comfortable to use, consider the UX10.

Japanese quality, features and workmanship, but with traditional Western-style knife shapes.

: sharpened in the traditional Japanese style (primarily on the right side), which means a sharper edge with better edge-holding and cutting abilities (only for right-hand use). The edge is then buffed to a beautiful mirror-like polished finish.

Durable handles: full-tang staminawood riveted with nickel silver for strength and durability, yet with a beautiful traditional look.

Lightweight: they're so sharp, additional heft is not required to easily cut through even tough and large root vegetables and other traditionally difficult food items. This is a true Japanese knife style and advantage!

Attention to detail & durability: Superb fit, finish, workmanship and balance mean long-lasting and hygienic ergonomic comfort & ease of use even for long periods of time in a professional situation. Quality products mean a lifetime of pleasure.

Easy care: Wash, dry and store promptly for long life, sharpness and safety These are very sharp high-quality knives, so do not leave them in a sink or drawer. Easy and affordable to keep sharp. Do not need frequent sharpening with normal use and regular maintenance. Not for dishwasher use.
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