Misono Molybdenum Knives
The Misono Molybdenum blades are made of  High carbon 13 Chrome Stainless Molybdenum Steel. The characteristics of this stainless steel is strong resistance to rust and the inherent sharpness & strength of the blades (HRC58).  They are a very nicely balanced knife and come with a black Pakka wood  handle with a stainless bolster.

This series offers a wide variety of styles to suit whatever purpose you have in mind for your knives.
The Misono Molybdenum knives have a 70/30 bevel on the blade.
Misono Molybdenum 210mm Gyuto
Misono Moly Santoku knife
Misono Molybdenum Petty 150mm
Misono Molybdenum
Gyuto 210mm
Mismoly G21
Blade length 210mm
Blade Thickness
Weight 160g
Misono Molybdenum
Santoku 180mm
Mismoly S18
Blade length 180mm
  Misono Molybdenum
Petty 150mm
Mismoly P15
Blade length 150mm
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