Masashi Yamamoto is the nephew of Tsuneo Yoshida, the owner and former master knife-maker at Yoshikane Knives and he learned his art at the hands of Yoshida san. As Yoshida san slows down and has effectively retired from the Yoshikane company, other nephew Kazuomi Yamamoto has taken over the company.

Masashi Yamamoto has left Yoshikane to set up his own business and that company is

The initial Masashi offering is a beautiful range of knives, revolving around
SLD steel, polished to a stunning finish.
Take the Petty and Gyuto 180mm as indications of the reflective surface.
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Masashi-Kobo Gyuto knife 180mm
Masashi-Kobo SLD petty 120mm
Masashi-Kobo SLD petty 135mm
Masashi-Kobo SLD Santoku 165mm
Masashi-Kobo SLD Gyuto 180mm
Masashi-Kobo SLD Gyuto 210mm
Masashi-Kobo SLD Gyuto 240mm
50/50 sided
50/50 sided
50/50 sided
50/50 sided
50/50 sided
50/50 sided
Detailed Masashi-Kobo SLD knife details and specifications are here
Handle tang seal on Masashi-Kobo gyuto knife
Masashi-Kobo 210mm Gyuto Grind profile
Handle & Tang seal on 210 Gyuto
Knife grinds on Gyuto knives (enlarge)
Blade profile on 210mm Gyuto
Detail of heel treatment on Gyutos - Softening
Overlay comparison between Masashi-Kobo 240 Gyuto and Shigefusa Kasumi Gyuto. The Masashi is flatter on the edge with a more noticeable lift to the tip. More body to the knife overall. See our method of comparison here
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