Maruyoshi M107S Damascus knife VG10
Maruyoshi Bonten/Hattori HD VG10 gyuto knife
The Maruyoshi M107S has a VG10 steel core, which then has 16 layers over the main core.

This presents a very good looking knife, with the advantages of VG10 hardness and durability, with a Rockwell figure of 59-61.

Maruyoshi M-107S Petty knife
Maruyoshi M-107S Santoku 165mm
Maruyoshi M-107S Gyuto 180mm
Maruyoshi M-107S-Gyuto 210mm
Maruyoshi Bonten VG10
This is the Maruyoshi Bonten HD, which is made by Ryusen for Maruyoshi and is also sold as the Hattori HD.
Maruyoshi Bonten/Hattori HD VG10 gyuto knife
The only difference with this blade and the Hattori, is the name engraved on the blade.

The core is VG10 with 62 layers of nickel damascus stainless steel. The Rockwell hardness of these knives is 61+ HRC and the blade is hand engraved.

Handles are black Pakkawood with 3 stainless rivets.

As with many Japanese knives this year, there is a considerable wait for production, but all knives below are in stock.
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Maruyoshi Bonten/Hattori HD VG10 gyuto knife
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