Sturdy ergonomic MAC knives for professional kitchen and home cooking.
Thin razor-sharp blades of extra-hard high-carbon MAC Superior steel, with durable edge that stays sharper longer. Large comfortable handles, upswept for extra knuckle clearance. Great balance and control. Stain resistant, but not dishwasher safe. Hole in blade for convenient hanging. Blade hardness between 59 and 61 degrees Rockwell C.
MAC SA-80 utility knife 200mm
MAC SA-70 utility knife 180mm
MAC SF-85 Fillet knife 210mm
MAC SD-65 Cleaver knife 165mm
MAC SP-50 Paring knife 130mm
MAC SK-65 Santoku knife 170mm
MAC SK-40 Paring knife - Snatoku
MAC SB-105 Bread/Roast Scalloped edge
MAC Superior knife set - SK201
MAC SU27 Knife set
SA-80, Utility Knife, 200mm blade - $100
All purpose utility knife for cutting, slicing, dicing, and mincing.
SA-70, Utility Knife, 180mm blade - $90
All purpose utility knife for cutting, slicing, dicing, and mincing.
SF-85, Fillet Knife, 210mm blade - $105
Extremely sharp double beveled blade for filleting fish and slicing chicken, roast, and ham.
This is a real sleeper knife and would replace a good chef's knife easily.
SD-65, Cleaver Knife, 165mm blade - $115
Sturdy double beveled cleaver knife for fish, crab, acorn squash and other simmilarly hard items. Extremely sharp and versatile.
SK-65, Santoku Knife, 170mm blade - $95
Extremely sharp and well-balanced all purpose santoku knife. All purpose kitchen knife for slicing, dicing, and mincing. Great for vegetables and meats and fish. Rated best Santoku knife by Cooks Illustrated in August 2004.
SK-40, Paring Knife, 100mm blade - $48
Santoku shaped paring knife - very unusual, but very useful. Bargain!
SP-50, Paring Knife, 130mm blade - $48
Ergonomic smaller paring knife with upswept handle, rounded tip, and hole in blade for sanitary hanging. Great for peeling and slicing fruit and vegetables.
SB-105, Bread/Roast Knife, 265mm blade - $110
Extremely sharp bread knife / roast slicer with scallopped edge. Great for bread, or as general slicer for roasts, cake, and more.
This has won "best knife" contests so many times, we've lost count.
MAC SK-201 Gift Set.
1 x SK-65 Santoku knife - 165mm
1 x SK-40 mini santoku paring knife

Supplied in gift box  -  $129.95
MAC SU-27 Gift Set
1 x Superior SA-70, 180mm utility knife
1 x SP-50 Superior 130mm paring knife

Supplied in gift box  -  $129.95
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