Same blade as the SD - HRC 61-62
Beautiful Ironwood handle
Heirloom Quality
The Bentley of Japanese knives
Secret steel & process - HRC 61-62
Classic French profile
Ryusen, Hattori HD, Bonten VG10 knife
62 layers of damascus steel of HRC 61+. Feel and balance with a classy look
Highly polished surface
Akifusa Powder steel Gyuto 210mm
Undoubtedly one of the best quality & value knives you will find. A real laser.
SRS15 Powder steel - HRC 64-65
Maruyoshi M-107s Damascus Gyuto knife
Fujiwara knives at Japanese Chef
Sabatier-K 1834 edition 250mm chef's knife
Ohishi Tsuchime damascus Gyuto knife
Ohishi Migaki V5 santoku knife
Takeo Murata Aogami 1 kurouchi knives
Mac Professional Gyuto 240mm
Maruyoshi M107S VG10 16 layer
HRC 59-61
Molybdenum Van steel - HRC 58
Best first starter knife we know
Misono UX10 - The legend lives on - worldwide favourite in Swedish steel
Same feel as Akifusa powder knives and a genuine Japanese knife bargain
Takefu VG5 steel - HRC 59-61
MAC Professional knives
They win awards everywhere
The world's sharpest knives?
Ohishi Tsuchime Damascus
Looks like a real knife
VG10 15 layer  - HRC 60-62
Tojiro DP Japanese knives - great value and quality
Tojiro DP Non bolstered suminigasi knives
Tojiro traditional Japanese knives
Ryusen Blazen
Nenox IW Series
Ryusen Hattori Bonten
Misono UX10
MAC Professional
Maruyoshi 701
Ohishi Migaki V5
Takeo Murata
Ohishi Tsuchime
Sabatier-K 1834 LTD
Fujiwara - Kanefusa
SG2 Super Gold steel  - HRC 63-64
Black wooden sheath included
An extremely impressive knife
HRC 57-58  Z50C13 steel
The original Sabatier knife from Thiers
Prices are very good
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Aogami Blue 1 Carbon - HRC 64
Kurouchi finish - Sharp like crazy
Tojiro Traditional
Hiro Damascus steak knives in presentation box
Misono Molybdenum Santoku 180mm
Misono Molybdenum
Misono Molybdenum - All the qualities of the UX10, but a lower price
MAC Superior
MAC SF-85 Fillet knife 210mm
NenoxSD Series Knives at Japanese Chef
Nenox Ironwood Knives at Japanese Chef
Nenox SD Series
Nenox G Series
The "standard" Nenox knife in name only.
All the feel of the S & IW, but great price
MAC Superior range of knives
If you still want a MAC, but are sticking to a budget. Still a great knife
Ohishi Aogami Super
Japan's hyper steel - Aogami Super
HRC 64 - Super sharpness possible
World's coolest steak knives ?
Traditional Japanese knives which won't break the bank - find out if you like the feel
Tojiro DP range
Tojiro DP are among the most popular Japanese knives - great value Swedish cobalt steel
Tojiro Suminagasi Santoku, Japanese Chef Knife
Tojiro DP Damascus
All the qualities of the DP range, with 37 layers. HRC 60-61. Swedish cobalt steel.
Tojiro DP no bolster
The same blade as the damascus, but different handle treatment at a lower price
Chroma by Porsche
Laguiole Cutlery
Cool French cutlery
Very hip design in a very capable knife
Sabatier-K 1834 LTD edition Oriental Santoku
Sabatier-K Authentique SS
HRC 57-58  Z50C13 steel
Authentique range of Sabatier-K
Great French style and profile at a surprisingly low price
Sabatier-K Authentique 200mm cook's knife stainless
Sabatier-K Carbon knives from France
Sabatier-K Carbon
Same design, size and feeling as the stainless steel, but in the almost magical full carbon steel.
You too can feel like the crazy French Chef
Tojiro Sharakumono gyuto kitchen knife
Sharakumono by Tojiro
Modern styling and ergonomics in a full stainless knife
Ryusen Blazen 210mm Gyuto knife
Ohishi Aogami Super Gyuto knife
Tanaka VG10
Tanaka VG10 32 layer Damascus
Absolutely gorgeous - HRC 60+
Ryusen Tanganryu 32 layer Tsuchime finsih knife
Sakon Damascus
Sakon Damascus SKD11 Gyuto knife
72 layer SKD11 - HRC 63-64
Full blade layer coverage
Ryusen Tanganryu
Tsuchime finish with 32 layer damascus.
Comfortable D-handle and mirror finish.
Great VG10 knife
Tanaka VG10 Deluxe Gytuo 180mm
Japanese traditional handled knives with either single or double sided blades.

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