Sales to the U.S., U. K. & Europe
We are happy to supply customers in USA, UK, or Europe, who wish to buy our knives.

For an idea of the final prices, Australia applies a 10% tax to retail sales, which is included in our website prices. If you buy from outside Australia, you do not pay that tax.

To find the price:

To get the export price, divide our web prices by 1.1 and you get the price we can sell to you.

Registered post international to you:

Weight up to 500grams  =  $20.10 AUD  -
usually 1 knife
Weight between 500g & 1kg  =  $38.70 AUD  - 
2, maybe 3 knives

Weight up to 500grams  =  $24.20
Weight between 500g & 1kg  =  $45.10

Final price:  Say you buy a $250 knife from the USA

Divide $250 by 1.1  =  $227.30

Plus amount of registered postage =  $20.10

Total  =  $247.40 AUD or more depending on weight of knife.
(price for the UK  $227.30+$24.20  =  $251.50)

Effectively, you'll pay the about the same price as an Australian customer will, including postage  -  in some cases, less.

Divide the Australian dollar price total by your currency conversion and you have close enough to the final price.

There may be extra charges and import duties payable at your end, which we have no control over and will not be responsible for.

The easiest way to get the exact price is to email us about the knife you wish to buy and we will send you a Paypal invoice which you can pay and we will then send the knife to you by International registered post.

Expected delivery time is 3 - 10 working days, but count on 7 - 10 days.


We will NOT supply knives, under any circustances, to Africa, the Middle East, or Asia and reserve the right to exclude other areas as needed.
It's a lot easier than you think !
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