These knives are made by Mutsumi Hinoura (son) and benefit from the experience he has working with his father. The quality shows in every area of the knife.

The central core is Shirogami 2 (white paper steel) from Hitachi and is clad in a soft iron layer on each side of the central core, making this a true carbon knife. The HRC of these knives is around 62-63, which we think you'll find durable enough for any use.

The Nakiri knives have an Enju wood handle with double blonde horn, where the other knives have a red ebony handle.

The Gyuto has a good tip lift and there is quite a good flat area on the blade from the centre to the rear.

We recommend these knives without hesitation, being from one of Japan's elite artisan makers.

Alternate colours for Nakiri ferrules  -  please specify after ordering.  Click any image to enlarge
Tsukasa Hinoura is another blacksmith and knife artisan influenced by the artistry of Shigeyoshi Iwasaki of Sanjo, the knife city of Nigata province on the western coast of Japan.

Hinoura senior has 33 years of experience in knife making and is renowned for his River Jump knives, which are a twisted damascus and a true example of the knife-maker's art. We do not stock the River Jump knives currently, but we are able to access.

Sanjo is well known as an artisan knife making area and you'll probably notice that a lot of our knives come from that area. We just couldn't ignore the talent in Sanjo, which includes companies like

Mutsumi Hinoura Shirogami 2 Kurouchi - Ajikataya Carbon
Petty 135mm Ajikataya - Red Ebony handle
Nakiri 165mm Ajikataya - Enju handle
Gyuto 210mm Ajikataya - Red Ebony handle
Gyuto 240mm Ajikataya - Red Ebony handle
Profile comparison of Hinoura Ajikataya 240mm layered over the Shigefusa Kasumi 240mm Gyuto - click to enlarge

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