ZDP189 steel
Keyaki handle Ox horn Ferrule                              
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Zuika - ZDP189
The HRC of the "Zuika"  is limited to around HRC65 - the same with HAP40 knives, making it one of the world's hardest steel blades. Central core metal is of Hitachi ZDP189 powder steel, which provides extreme sharpness and durability. Carbon content is  3%.
The core is sandwiched between 2 layers of SUS405, making it very durable.

ZDP189 was developed for forging blades, so while they are very hard, they are easy to grind.

Recommended finishing whetstones are 4000~8000 grit.

Atsushi Hosokawa has spent extensive time in development of a blade which handles the chip-tendency of ZDP189. His heat treatment has made ZDP189 more durable than it has ever been. Hosakawa san is the master of ZDP189.
First of the Gihei ZDP189 knives here, is the strictly limited edition 240mm ZDP189 - not a usual production item. Only 12 made in this small run.
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Gihei Zuiko 240mm Gyuto
Zuiko 240mm Blade profile
Gihei Zuiko 240mm Handle/heel detail
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Overlay comparison of Gihei ZDP189 Gyuto and Shigefusa Kasumi 240
Overlay comparison of the blade profiles of the Gihei ZDP189 240 and the Shigefusa Kasumi 240. Very similar profile, with the Gihei edge rising a fraction more as it approaches the blade tip. The Gihei has a beefier tip, coming from a higher overall blade. See our method of comparison here
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