Fujiwara - Kanefusa
Fujiwara FKM Series knives.
The blade on this knife is Molybdenum Vanadium, stainless steel and has a good durability of about 58 HRC.There is a full tang handle with black Pakka wood and a stainless bolster which gives the knife a very good balance.
This knife may be your best introduction to the world of Japanese knives, as it has all the balance and best features of the more expensive knives, at what we consider a pretty stupidly low price. It holds a razor-sharp edge and provides unparalleled performance  at this price.

The Fujiwara FKM is a mono-steel blade, with no cladding.
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Fujiwara Kanefusa Petty knife 120mm
Fujiwara Kanefusa petty knife 150mm
Fujiwara Kanefusa Santoku 180mm
Fujiwara Kanefusa Gyuto 180mm
Fujiwara Kanefusa Gyuto 210mm
Fujiwara Kanefusa Gyuto 240mm
Fujiwara FKM 120mm Petty
Cutting edge 125mm
Total Length: 230mm 
Thickness: 1.6mm
Height: 26mm
Handle 100mm
Weight: 76g 
Cutting edge 150mm
Total Length: 270mm 
Thickness: 1.8mm
Blade Width: 27mm
Handle 110mm
Total Weight: 91g
Fujiwara FKM 150mm Petty
Cutting edge 180mm
Total Length: 300mm 
Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 47mm
Total Weight: 160g
Fujiwara FKM 180mm Santoku
Cutting edge 185mm
Total Length: 305mm 
Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 41mm
Total Weight: 137g
Fujiwara FKM 180mm Gyuto
Cutting edge 210mm
Total Length: 335mm 
Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 44mm
Handle 115mm
Total Weight: 174g
Fujiwara FKM 210mm Gyuto
Cutting edge 240mm
Total Length: 370mm 
Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 48mm
Handle 125mm
Total Weight: 215g
Fujiwara FKM 240mm Gyuto
Cutting edge 275mm
Total Length: 405mm 
Thickness: 2.4mm
Blade Width: 55mm
Handle 125mm
Total Weight: 260g
Fujiwara FKM 270mm Gyuto
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