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Cutting Boards
The Big Chop
Bamboo, Rubberwood, Plastic and all the other pretend cutting surfaces, just don't cut it when it comes to knife care.

As with most genuine timber cutting boards, the Sands Made  and Big Chop boards naturally kill the dangerous pathogens which can be left after cutting food. Cuts in the surface heal because of the naturally resilient nature of timber and germs and such disappear into the hell they deserve. The wood draws the bacteria in, but they never make it back out alive.

Plastic surfaces do not heal and there are crevices left in the surface in which germs and pathogens continue to survive.

Sanitising boards:   Make up a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 4 parts water and spray the board to sanitise.

"Feeding" boards:   It's best not to use any vegetable based oil, as it WILL go rancid and unpleasant. Use coconut oil, or food grade mineral oil
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