The truth about Knives
Are you frustrated trying to get any sensible information from a sales assistant whose knowledge of knife quality is that they're "sharp". The fact that they're anything but sharp is quite another point.

Cheap Knives

Are you sick of trying to decipher if the "Japanese Chef's Knife" or the "Traditional Japanese Knife" that is advertised for $20 or $30, is good quality, or even made in Japan? Let us assure you that if it's selling for $30, it certainly is not made in Japan. It would also be great if you could buy a good quality 37 piece knife set for $50, but it is impossible. See our page on Japanese Steel for an explanation about quality steel.

Knives on the "Tele"

Are you impressed by the knives used by celebrity chefs, or the knives you see on cooking shows on television? The celebrity chefs are paid to use and endorse the knives you see and it bears little resemblance to whether the knives are good or not. They only have to use them for a short time and it's more income in a game that is all about money and endorsement.

As for knives used on TV cooking shows, have a look at the credits at the end of the show and you will see that they are all supplied under commercial arrangements. Would you rely on a TV station's "Marketing enhancement and product placement" department to pick the good knife over the profitable one. Let's think about that for a minute?

Sorry about the rant, but you'll have to find a non-celebrity chef to get an honest opinion about which knife is the best, worst or otherwise.

Block Sets

How many kitchen knives do you need? Do you need the 12 knives you get in the knife block? Are you tired of the pressure to buy complete sets of knives, most of which you know you will never actually use. Ever wonder how much profit there is in knife sets which can be discounted by 50 to 60% at regular times throughout the year.

Would you be surprised at how many respected German, French and Australian knife companies put their names on Chinese manufactured knives? Good steel costs serious money, no matter how cheap the labour is.

Real Knives

We import our knives direct from Japan, to satisfy a growing demand for a different approach to the most basic of kitchen tasks - chopping and slicing. Most of our knives are made with the same skill and attention to detail, as the finest of Japanese traditional swords and Katana blades. They are made by craftsmen who have a direct family connection with the artisans who made Samurai blades 750 years ago. The art is passed down in the family and any new knife companies, are usually started by sons or relatives who were trained by their masters.

Real Fun

If you've read this far, we're assuming that you want to use a different class of Chef's knife, or at least find out about them. Knives which have become more popular over the last 10 years or so, with both professioal chefs and domestic users. With these knives, you'll enjoy the preparation almost as much as the eating. You'll look for excuses to slice, dice, cut and cleave with knives that make you think "WOW" every time you pick them up.

Other (non Japanese) Knives?

The Japanese Gyuto knife (the most popular) is based on the French  K-Sabatier knives of the 19th and 20th centuries and there is a reason why they are. The french got it right with their knife profiles and the Japanese are smart enough to know it. We carry the K-Sabatier knives because they are the original and the best and represent a heritage of excellence. 
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