Ryusen - Blazen Series
Takefu-City, Fukui Prefecture (Echizen district) is famous for the Echizen Uchihamono (Hammer forged knives) backed by the traditional Hizukuri forging technique  with 700 years of history.

Ryusen has been producing high quality Professional Chef's knives for decades with the Echizen Uchihamono tradition and modern technology.

Now Ryusen has re-introduced the "Blazen" series of powdered high speed tool-steel blades at a hardness of HRC 61-63. The blade core is made of
SG-2 Powdered High Speed Tool Steel, encased in SUS410L steel. The blade is now marked as Bu-Rei-Zen logo in Kanji, as opposed to the previous English language markings.

This is the top of the Ryusen range, for the professional chef who requires the finest in performance, or the home cook who demands the best.

Each knife comes with a protective black wooden sheath (Saya).

The Blazen series are rapidly attaining a legendary status in the culinary world.

They feel wonderful in the hand and are extremely sharp.
Ryusen Blazen Gyuto handle/hell view
SG2 Powder steel
San Mai 3 layer
Hand engraved
Includes black wooden saya (sheath)
Cutting Edge 134mm
Total length 238mm
Blade thickness 1.5mm.
Height 26mm
Handle Pakka Wood. 
HRC 62
Total Weight 77g
Cutting edge length: 240mm
Total Length: 368mm 
Blade Thickness: 2.8mm,
Blade Height: 49mm
Handle - Pakka Wood. 
HRC 62
Total Weight 236g
Ryusen Blazen SG2 Gyuto 240mm knife
Ryusen Blazen SG2 petty knife 135mm
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