Saya for Santoku 180mm
Saya for Gyuto 180mm
Saya for Gyuto 210mm
Saya for Gyuto 240mm
Saya for Nakiri 165mm
Akifusa Powder Metal
Akifusa knives are also known as the Harayuki brand in some markets.

VG10 is the current knife hallmark metal, but the future of upper end Japanese chef knives is in powdered steel.

When we first picked up the Akifusa powder metal knife, we knew that it was something special - balanced and comfortable. It's like a high performance car with the frilly bits removed, but with no doubt that the performance is still under the hood. It cuts beautifully and doesn't cause fatigue after a long cutting session. We think it is an under-priced knife for what it gives you and have no doubt it would stand up to line work in a restaurant better than most chef's knives.

It has a powdered metallurgical (PM) laminated Migake blade, hardened to 64-65 Rc, double bevelled at a 50/50 profile. There is a progressive distal taper to the tip of the blade, which is beautifully thin and agile.

Both the blade and tang are tapered for better balance and reduced fatigue during prolonged use.
Akifusa Blades are bevelled at 50/50 and have a 15 degree angle each side. 
Akifusa Powder Gyuto Knife 180mm
Akifusa Powder Santoku Knife 180mm
Akifusa Powder Gyuto knife 210mm
Akifusa Powder Nakiri knife 180mm
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Akifusa powdered steel 240mm Gyuto
Akifusa Powder 135mm Petty knife
Akifusa Powder Petty knife 150mm
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Akifusa powder Petty knife 135mm
Blade length  133mm
Total length 240mm
Blade height 27mm
Weight  84g
Blade length 146mm
Total length 256mm
Blade height 29mm
Weight 91g
Akifusa powder Petty knife150mm
Blade length 180mm
Total length 305mm
Blade height 45mm
Weight 165g
Blade length 162mm
Total length 288mm
Blade height 50
Weight 165g
Blade length 210mm
Total length 335mm
Blade height 44
Weight 164g
Blade length 240mm
Total length 369mm
Blade height 48
Weight 210g
Blade length 179mm
Total length 300mm
Blade height 41
Weight 145g
Custom made Sayas for Akifusa
Akifusa powder Santoku 180mm
Akifusa powder Nakiri 165mm
Akifusa powder Gyuto 180mm
Akifusa powder Gyuto 210mm
Akifusa powder Gyuto 240mm
Akifusa powder knives are made from SRS15 metal, used for metal cutting tools and the sides are SUS-405 metal, creating an exceptionally hard and durable edge for prolonged use. Sharpening is relatively easy given the HRC of 64 - 65. The Akifusa blade itself is very similar to a French chef's knife in its profile, with a flatter belly than German knives. The handle has a forge-welded bolster, with a rounded and comfortable shape, made from resin impregnated hardwood.

PM steel is created using a crucible technique and results in a smaller grain structure and significantly longer edge holding.

These Akifusa powder knives come with a special polished section, which results in a nicer surface and a better cutting quality.

Razor sharp out of the box and estimated at about 15,000 grit honed.

An Akifusa Powder steel knife could be your dream knife  -  find out!
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