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Japanese Chef - The fine art of Japanese steel chef's Knives.
Since 2007, our purpose has been to make available, Japanese Chef knives which are normally unavailable in Australia, at prices competitive with international prices.

Japanese Knives

The Japanese have a revered history of producing fantastic blades of all types for around the last 750 years.

Western Chefs have discovered there's an alternative to traditional style chef's knives from Germany, France, etc.

An alternative that has seen them changing to knives from Nenox, Akifusa, Tojiro, Misono, Ryusen and other  Japanese knifemakers.

It's not our intention to argue the case for or against European or Japanese knives, but to offer a selection of the best knives, so you can choose. Most of our Chef's knives are Japanese, but we will feature European-based knives which represent excellent value-for-money.

It's a sad fact that there are many knives which pretend to be Japanese, which are very cheap and nasty, made in third world sweat shops, from inferior steel.

Good quality knives are always a worthwhile investment, no matter whether they're made in Europe or Japan. We just happen to believe that Japanese knives are the best.

Australian knife prices too expensive?

There is a perennial complaint that Japanese (and European) knives are too expensive in Australia and a price rip-off, causing people to buy overseas.
We've seen Australian websites where a knife looks to be discounted by 30 or 40% off retail. We have the wholesale price lists of those knives and the quoted pre discount retail price mentioned by the website is 30 or 40% more than it should sell for for with no discount. NAUGHTY! Just make sure you're getting a genuine discount before getting ripped off.

We do buy from a couple of Australian distributors who keep prices at a realistic point, but most of our knives are directly imported and as such, don't have a wholesaler in the middle, adding a profit margin. You are effectively buying at wholesale prices and most of the time you will find that our prices are the same or cheaper than overseas suppliers. Check before you waste your money overseas.

Some of the knives available to us, need to be especially ordered. They are limited editions, or are never freely available off the shelf. We try to carry a range of knives from the economical, through to the top of the range, but all with one thing in common - They are ALL quality Chef's Knives, which will enhance your food preparation and will be a whole lot of fun to use.

Have a look around the Japanese Chef  site and contact us if you have any questions.
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